Understanding Sound 🔰

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This short course is a comprehensive introduction to how sound is created, how it travels and how we can see it using computers. In three short videos you can gain an understanding of what sound is and the relationship between graphic representations and real-world sounds.

Welcome to the course!

These videos will take around 25 minutes to listen to. For a more in-depth understanding of the material you will need to download some software and audio clips in order to do some further learning at your own pace. Links are provided throughout the course. Course videos can be accessed on YouTube.

What you will learn

  • What is sound
  • How sound travels
  • What is a spectrum analyser
  • What is a waveform
  • What is a spectrogram
  • Relationships between visualised sound and individual instruments and frequencies

In this program

Meet your instructor

Joel Marks


Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for the first course.

How often do the courses run?

Online, at your own pace.