Voice Recording and Production [Professional Edition]

Table of Contents


A compreshensive two video course that will take you through the production process for dialogue recordings using professional grade software including free and premium plugins. Learn to optimise your workflow by applying the right tools at the correct settings.

What you will learn

  • Unit 1: 8 Elements of a vocal recording
    • An in-depth look at each part of sound relating to speech and noise as it is recorded by a micrphone
    • Skills and approaches to recording that will result in the best recorded dialogue possible
  • Unit 2: 4 Tools of the Mic Channel
    • Look at each tool in the channel strip in turn
    • What settings to start with and why
    • How to listen for good results and bad results

Program overview

This course will be delivered as two long-form videos on YouTube using the built-in index feature. This will allow the viewer to jump to the relevent section of the video to see specific content, or to start where they left off on a previous viewing.

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Meet your instructor

Joel Marks


Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for the first course.

How often do the courses run?

Online, at your own pace.